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Application for startup training "How to Startup" is open!

TechHub Riga, in cooperation with LIAA, announces applications for the "How to Startup" training program, which will run for the third year.

The training aims to promote the emergence and development of startups and provide the creators of business ideas with the necessary knowledge and industry expert contacts to help with project preparation and information about funding options at the early stage of project initiation. The long-term goal of the training is to make Latvia an internationally recognized place where startups based on scientific research exist and develop, which can attract the attention of representatives of high-tech industries.

The course will consist of six sessions. During these six sessions, program participants learn various knowledge related to the creation of startups under the guidance of experienced international mentors. For in-depth knowledge acquisition, mentors assign homework. In addition, participants have check-in calls with the program coordinator, who takes care of the successful running of the program. At the end of the program, participants have the opportunity to learn presentation skills and prove them in a pitch competition, where they can win prizes provided by partner organizations.

As one of the 2021 training graduates admits, "If someone asked me where did you start feeling as an entrepreneur, I would say, "How to startup." Before that, it was all a mystery. I recommend this to people afraid of the critical information and challenges that await them because this event breaks everything down into small, consumable pieces and helps to start up!"

Don't miss out on a chance to take the journey of building your own company and a step closer to becoming an entrepreneur!

Date: from August 29 to October 16

Language: English

Format: ZOOM platform

Last day to register: August 15

More information about the "How to Startup" training program and the application form:

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