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Apply to ESI Incubator!

Students are invited to apply to the Incubator within the ESI Student Innovation Program by June 28. It aims to develop socially responsible and sustainable solutions by supporting the idea validation process through workshops and individual mentoring.

The ESI Incubator is organized by the student innovation program ESI, in cooperation with the Riga Stockholm School of Economics and Techhub Riga. Why support the creation of socially responsible and sustainable innovation? Creating such innovations reduces the negative environmental impact on all of us by improving resource use and promoting economic equity.

The ESI Incubator will take place for three months, in a remote format, with the possibility to use office space in Riga or Rezekne. The program is open to a variety of student teams, both early-stage teams and start-ups (up to 3 years old), seeking additional support to test and implement products in actual market conditions.

When applying for the 3-month program, students receive:

● Opportunity to participate in lectures and individual mentoring sessions with local and

international entrepreneurs and professionals in various fields;

● Opportunity to learn ideas about commercialization processes and good practices;

● Opportunity to apply for a monthly scholarship.

To select applications for innovative ideas or to assess qualitative compliance, the student team is obliged to submit an online application for a creative idea (Appendix 1, available here), as well as send a 1-minute video presentation giving a brief overview of the concept and potential of your idea to the project e-mail address The regulations of the incubator can be found here. The application deadline is June 28. "The Innovation Incubation Program is another step closer to developing a thriving business environment in Latvia. The most susceptible and courageous thinkers meet in the Innovation program", invites the program director, Kristine Nagle.

ESI is a practical education program that allows students to gain valuable experience solving real business and national challenges. Within the ESI Stockholm School of Economics, Latvian Academy of Arts, Rēzekne Academy of Technology, Riga Graduate School of Law, and industry partners (Latvian Social Business Association, Zero Waste Latvia, Techhub Riga, Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia, Rēzekne Entrepreneurs Association, Latvian Electrical and Electronics Industry Association) provide:

  • High-quality knowledge transfer;

  • Practical workshops;

  • The opportunity to solve real business problems and develop your business ideas through a business incubator.

Quality knowledge transfer, practical workshops, the opportunity to solve real commercial problems, and the opportunity to develop your business ideas through a business incubator.

Content is provided in both virtual and online environments, and participation in all program activities is free.

For more information on the ESI Student Innovation Program and to apply for other events:

The program is co-financed by the European Regional Fund and supported by SEB, RIMI, and Printify.

Project number:

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