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Latvian startup ecosystem expresses solidarity to the people of Ukraine

Updated: May 2, 2022

We woke up this morning to the news about the start of a war that our generation was hoping to never see in Europe again. Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine is shocking and unprovoked aggression leading to the largest conflict in Europe since WW2. And it’s taking place right around the corner.

During this difficult time, the Latvian startup ecosystem expresses solidarity to the people of Ukraine. In the Baltics and Europe, we can be grateful for the circumstances protecting us from an open invasion, however, we cannot afford to remain neutral and to watch from the sidelines. The Baltic States are very much aware of how difficult it has been to gain and maintain our independence and how fragile it can be.

Russian President Putin's actions are setting a dangerous precedent that openly challenges our values for the world. Today, it has become blatantly clear that Russia and its current government are ready to sacrifice their economy and people in the name of military ambitions. We unanimously call on Europe and the rest of the world not only to adopt strict sanctions against the existing Russian government but also to provide practical support to Ukraine.

We invite every individual and entrepreneur to keep in mind the guarantor of Ukraine's security is its economy. Putin is aiming to destroy not only Ukraine's military infrastructure but above all its economy.

For entrepreneurs, this is a time when a united front must be put forward in support of Ukraine's sovereignty.

We invite every entrepreneur in the Baltics and Europe to re-evaluate both their cooperation with Russian partners as well as their activities in the Russian market.

During these dark times, we invite you to remember that even small voices carry great power if they are united. The independence of the Baltic States is the strongest and best example of this.

We invite you to support the Ukrainian economy by deliberately choosing to work with Ukrainian entrepreneurs, producers, and partners as well as to consider channeling donations to Ukrainian support organisations.

We call on our government to provide legal relief to Ukrainian companies whose business continuity cannot continue in Ukraine until the end of the conflict, as well as to coordinate the Ukrainian refugee reception plan as soon as possible; including providing refugees with the opportunity to work and be employed in Latvia.

Donate to the most vulnerable in Ukraine:

Donate to support the Ukrainian Army. Your contribution matters:

The letter is signed by Latvian startup ecosystem NGOs: TechChill, TechHub Riga, Riga Tech Girls, Latvian Startup association Startin.LV, as well as by startup Edurio.

Signed also by the following individuals:

Līva Pērkone, Board Member of TechChill and Co-Founder of Helve

Annija Mežgaile, CEO of TechChill

Līna Marta Sarma, Board Member of TechHub Riga and Riga Tech Girls

Marija Ručevska, Board Member of TechChill and Co-Founder of Helve

Ernests Štāls, Board Member of TechChill

Santa Zarāne, CEO of TechHub Riga

Katrīna Peipiņa, Parnership Manager at TechHub Riga

Viesturs Sosārs, Co-Founder of TechHub Riga, Entrepreneur in Residence at Riga Business School

Alise Gurenko, Board Member of TechHub Riga, Partnership Manager at TechChill

Anna Andersone, Board Member and CEO of Riga TechGirls, Board Member of TechHub Riga and an entrepreneur

Alise Dīrika, Advisory Board Member at Riga TechGirls

Lauma Sīle, TechChill Chief Operating Officer

Katrīna Krievāne, TechChill Marketing manager

Āris Brencis, Investor and Community Manager at TechChill

Laila Ratmane, Startup Relations Manager at TechChill

Ernests Jenavs, Founder and Board Member of Edurio

Jānis Strods, Founder and Board Member of Edurio

Andris K. Bērziņš, Co-Founder and Chair of the Board at TechHub Riga and TechChill

Olga Barretu-Gonsālvisa, CEO of Latvian Startup Association Startin.LV

Pauls Siliņš, Co-Creator at Riga TechGirls

Gustavs Mārtiņš Upmanis, Founder of Visas Iespējas

Mārtiņš Beņķītis, Gravity Team

Toms Piliksers, Board Member of Tapbox

Igors Ņemeņonoks, Founder and Board Member of Bookla

Viktorija Martinsone, Project Manager at Latvian Startup Association Startin.LV and Founder of

Eduards Ritums, Project Manager at Latvian Startup Association Startin.LV

Elīna Smilga, Co-Creator at Riga TechGirls

Arta Abāšina, COO at Nordigen and Board Member of Latvian Startup Association Startin.LV

Ričards Križanovskis, Co-Founder and CEO of UpMatched

Agnese Veckalne, COO at Longenesis and and the Chair of Latvian Startup Association Startin.LV

Kristaps Krafte, Co-Founder and CEO of Vigo Health

Anna Vildaus, Business Development Manager at Vigo Health

Aiva Staņēviča, Board Member of Riga TechGirls

Marina Petrakova, Board Member of Riga TechGirls

Sigvards Krongorns, Board Member of CastPrint

Zane Priedīte, Co-Creator at Riga TechGirls

Sergejs Jakimovs, CEO of Longenesis

Diāna Butina, Board Member of Riga TechGirls

Ieva Treija, Editor at Labs of Latvia

Aiga Veckalne, linguist, Host of “Pieturzīmes” podcast

Serhii Botov, Board Member of AF Tech

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