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TechHub Riga Monthly Meetup: When is the right time for PR?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

When is the right time to get into PR, why you should already be working on it and what are the benefits - find out at TechHub Riga Monthly Meetup powered by Riga City Council this Wednesday at18:00!

Working with limited resources is what startups are all about. While marketing is experiencing a renaissance in the hearts of CEO's, PR is still something that many consider a luxury meant for later stages. On the other hand, when Richard Branson mentioned his investment in Printify on Twitter, we all imagined what would it feel like to be in their shoes. A PR fu*k-up can finish your startup and even your reputation but it's also the PR that can save you. A mention on the right media can blow up your startup overnight.

Our speaker Ieva Treija got started where a lot of PR specialists are being born - in journalism. Followed by 10+ years in marketing she hasn't been able to get away from writing: Ieva now is Editor-in-chief at Labs of Latvia where she oversees and creates content for those interested in innovation and startups. She also manages her own PR company helping companies find their voice which can have a massive impact: raised investment, attracting new employees or surviving a communications crisis.

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