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What We Do

 Through various programs and events, we're reinforcing the existing tech ecosystem and building the next generation of founders.

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Office Hours

Office hours are a tool we’ve created to support and guide founders through the startup jungle - book a 30-minute session with a renowned expert to resolve an issue you haven’t been able to find a solution to. The process is simple: 1. Define a problem 2. Find an expert with the right skillset 3. Book a call. Once the registration has closed, we’ll get back to you with the available time slot and a link for a call.

Monthly Meetups

For ten years Monthly Meetups have been essential for what TechHub Riga represents: an open community willing to learn and share ideas and information as well as expand their network while doing that in a chill and inclusive way. 


Monthly Meetups discuss important topics from a very wide spectrum of themes covering biotech, company building and culture, crypto, fundraising and much more, gathering speakers with wast experiance and listeners willing to find out more. During the past 2 years, we've gone virtual, but Meetups are coming back in person soon and always finish up with some good old networking. 

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Educational programs

How to Startup

A hands-on approach brought to you by accomplished mentors

How to Startup is a meticulously crafted course of 6 sessions led by professionals with vast experience. In less than 2 months you'll take a deep dive into the life cycle of a startup, beginning with just an idea and finishing up with a polished pitch. This free digital course will take you through the journey of building your own company and a step closer to becoming an entrepreneur. There are no silly questions and no mistakes - it’s a safe space to thrive.


Startup School of Schools

A course by seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals to help early-stage founders set up and scale their businesses for a long term success

  • 6 online sessions on the most demanding topics that startups face

  • 1:1 sessions with the mentors of your choice

  • Chance to meet fellow founders and expand your professional network


Annual StartupBBQ brings together all local startup players, uniting startup founders and employees, state and municipality officials, investors, accelerators, incubators, organisations, corporates and their friends. The purpose is simple - to have fun, network and chill. 


Mainly StartupBB includes drinking beer, cooking and eating meat&veggies and dancing to great music. On top of that, there's karaoke, all kinds of funtivities, competitions and a bunch of surprises. 


Best part is, it's all for community by community: StartupBBQ is an effort powered by all startup enthusiasts. BYOB times two and have a blast!



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We often partner up with fellow startup and tech-related organisations to organise various types of hackathons:


Raccoons Winter Hackathon 2022 


STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is becoming a skillset increasingly necessary to thrive in the future we're building for ourselves. It's also finding its way into even more industries, including creative ones. For those interested in tinkering with new technology, testing a crazy idea that you have had for a while and building something great while meeting like-minded people, this was the hackathon to join: Raccoons Winter Hackathon 2022 invited students up to the age of 25 with any level of experience from any country regardless of skills and background to tinker, test and build.

Women in Technology Hackathon 2022

This year it's all about applications, games and other products for the new normal and imagine a world that will continue to move towards hybrid solutions and tools. That being said, all crazy ideas that you have been pondering to build will also be accepted. Each track offers its own prizes along with the main prize.


Anyone and everyone are welcome to join in, create teams, meet new people along the way and turn your ideas into practical prototypes. We always aim to make these events as inclusive and friendly as possible, men and women alike are invited to participate. There will be mentors throughout the hackathons to help the teams with their ideas, technical solutions and designs. Along with that we will organize additional workshops on specific technical tools and languages, prototyping and pitching to help you gain new skills along the way.

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